Marine-EO prepares the 1st Review Meeting with the EC services

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

The Marine-EO Consortium members were together, in the Azores Government Office in Brussels, to prepare the project 1st Review meeting with the EC Project Officer and a panel of experts.

On the 25th of October during all day, all presentations were reviewed, and the Workpackage leaders had the chance to receive suggestions and comments from the other members, in order to deliver a clear view of all the work performed so far and the milestones achieved.This meeting was also an opportunity to work on the Procurement Dossier, namely on issues related to the Tender Process and the evaluation of the proposals. The Consortium was focused on assuring that the evaluation process is carried in a transparent and fair way. The last part of this all day meeting was dedicated to discussions on a clear IPR approach by the Consortium, that will assure a competitive market exploitation of the future services developed by the companies and a fair and reasonable access to this technology for the Public Procurers

Following this meeting and within the next days the Buyers Group will deliver the complete Procurement Dossier.